Thursday, 10 January 2013

It begins

How much is a portion? How big is a 100g of popcorn? How many calories in a teaspoon of mayonnaise? We constantly analyse what we eat but can we really judge how many calories are in our foods?

With a little maths and a lot of mess we will take a photo of 100 calories worth of each food type. This experiment probably won't help us lose weight (as we are eating all the food we measure) but we are finding it very useful to help judge the amount of calories on our plate. 

This won't be a food blog, just a visual library of calories. Sciencey! We have put the food into categories - dairy, meat/proteins, fruit and veg, liquids, condiments etc. for your easy browsing >>>>>>

This is a calorie analysis blog and not meant as a health or diet one. Just because something is high in calories it doesn't mean it is automatically bad for you!

We will put a few up each week so let us know if there are any foods you would like us to put up.


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